I learned something from the movie, Parenthood (1989):

“When you’re sliding into first, and you’re feeling something burst … “

“When you’re sliding into third, and you feel a juicy turd … “

“When you’re sliding into home, and your pants are full of foam … “


Wave the white flag. I surrender.

So, it’s November 30th, and that means that this month-long challenge comes to a close. However, I failed. You win, Debbie. I was going to skip Thanksgiving, because of it simply being a holiday. But the day after was filled with 2TG and a Syracuse Improv Collective Bank Show. Sunday: was a day of relaxing and a date.

Next thing I know: today arrives. Three days lie idle and without updates. Hence, the internal debate.

One of my pet peeves was not to allow this blog to sound like a diary. Unfortunately, with blogging, sometimes this tone is inevitable. There always has been a desire to sift out crap content, which is also inevitable. All posts are not going to be gems. As writers, we have to accept this.

Hence, the title of this post: Diarya. It does sound and look like a pretty name for a girl. Unfortunately, it is not so.

Then some of the posts were written just to be written. The content sounds like verbal diarrhea with empty passion. Writer’s block — the immortal arch nemesis — cannot be driven around so easily. It’s extremely difficult to pass head-on and straight through it.

Sacrifices had to be made. When focusing on trying to beat a post out of myself, this took away time from actually reading everyone else’s updates. I don’t like playing catch up. It’s a pain in the ass, because it’s also time consuming. And, I can’t let writing consume my

So, I’m going to continue with the posts. When alluding to a quote by Thoreau, these writing updates will have to come in the moment, written down instead of remembered, because trying to recollect thoughts afterwards, after that moment of “genius” has passed, is not pure and intention is easily forgotten. It’s the mental diarrhea that you have to catch and collect.

Hence, the disappearance of Sunday Observations. I really screwed that one up.

And I’ll end with one question, which is somewhat irrelevant, but it pertains to writing and persistence:

How many of you actually wrote your novel for NaNoWriMo, had it effectively edited, designed a decent non-hokey cover, and actually published the damned thing within a month’s time?

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