Sunday Night Dance Party

This past Sunday, the Westcott Theater in Syracuse hosted two bands that played on words and lifted spirits. And the night also got a little weird. Chris Baker of covered the event, and he did a great job, but words cannot really describe the concert itself. It’s something that you kind of had to be there for.

This night also marked a monumental occasion: I never have been kicked out of a show before, but that night was a first. But everything turned out OK. The security guard wasn’t all that rough. He didn’t push me out, but guided me to the lobby. I went to my car, changed my outfit and got back in with no problem. This was something I had to do.

It was caught on video, and I’m going to try and attempt to post it here. There are no promises of this thing working.

Fugulele took the stage, Syracuse and the world’s only all-ukulele Fugazi cover band. Of course, this being kicked out was all for affect. The part about high-fiving the security team was left out. I apparently was believable. I was removed from the show after “Bed For Scraping,” but returned in time for the last half of “Waiting Room,” a personal favorite.

At one point, during “Arppegiator,” one guy danced around me and the crowd cheered:

Then Metalachi took the stage decked out in various metal-themed garb that is distinctive to personas and decades. Baker’s description of the mariachi metal band as “one part Tenacious D and one part Cheech & Chong” is right on target. They appropriately kicked off the show with Central New York metal icon Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark” before venturing through a variety of familiar metal songs that included: a Metallica medley, Slayer’s “Raining Blood,” Whitesnake’s “Here I Go” (and this was probably one of the catchier songs to dance to), Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer,” Extreme’s “More Than Words” (which was a serenade for an audience member).

The audience was singing along the whole time, and it was hard to resist. After the show, Fugulele member Frank expressed how many of the songs he would never consider singing along to. I was in complete agreement. I absolutely dislike Bon Jovi, but it was just so difficult to resist.

photo 2
Metalachi and Fugulele embrace


But the Metalachi guys were very friendly, funny and cool. They hung out with the audience members after the show, signing merchandise and taking pictures. Members and front men Veca de la Rocca and El Cucuy met us over at Alto Cinco for a conversation as well. It’s clear that they’re having a blast doing this, and the more power to them. The Los Angeles(/Juarez)-based band are over on the east coast for the first time, and Syracuse was their first Upstate New York show.

The Metalachi guys also mentioned how they heard some guy got kicked out, and they questioned if “it was serious.” We all shared a laugh.

I take pride in being a part of “firsts,” even if the event is seemingly minor to some, many. Looking back, Rx Bandits had never been to the east coast until their tour surrounding the release of The Resignation. That show was right across the street at the now-deceased Planet 505.

It’s easy to see shows in and around Syracuse, but seeing a show in the Westcott area is something else. A concert/music addict has the ability to see known artists at The Westcott Theater than anywhere else in Syracuse. Yeah, Landmark and Palace have concerts as well, but the live music shows are less frequent.

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