Month: September 2015

New York Stories: ‘Postscript’

My early arrival to the Cuban diner, Copellia, was appropriate. For one, I didn’t want my unfamiliarity to get the best of me this time. Instead of standing outside, waiting for Martin to arrive, I headed into the neighboring The Donut Pub. The storefront’s window boasted some of the greatest looking donuts that I’ve seen.…

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The Lost Horizon: Hidden Track

It was serendipitous that Frank Turner mentioned Syracuse-area hardcore band Earth Crisis, how he talked about seeing them in concert, enjoying them, and it was alluded that the band inspired him in a sense. When it comes to anything — negative or positive — the resonating impact is life altering in some way, shape or…

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The Lost Horizon EP

If I don’t see another concert for the rest of the year, it’ll be fine — I’ll be fine. There isn’t enough audacity in me to vow to never listen to music for the rest of the year — that’s simply preposterous. Thanks to Mike B. for reaching out and the ticket, because seeing Skinny…

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