‘Fair’ Indulgence

When you go to The Great New York State Fair, there are a few things that cannot be passed up. The sand sculpture has taken a turn for the miraculous, and the butter sculpture has opted for the mundane. The buildings, which contain any animal, are worth popping into. Suppose the Center of Progress is worth a quick walk-through, because it’s necessary to see how far As-Seen-On-TV! products have come or stayed the same.

While at and in the Dairy Building, aside the butter sculpture, Byrne Dairy milk is the top priority — whether you’re lactose intolerant or not. My count currently sits at three (3) chocolate milks, which is no where near record breaking.

The highlight this year falls in line with the “fry everything” craze, and The Defibrillator, a 1,605-calorie (three quarters of the recommended daily intake) monstrosity, is weighing in as a crowd pleaser and colon cleanser. The sandwich has two grilled cheese sandwiches as “the buns.” At the center of everything is an angus beef burger that is topped with (hopefully New York) cheddar cheese. Throw in deep-fried pickles, deep-fried cheese curds, deep-fried bacon slices and you can have a nice coronary.

I have not had it, but it heard it’s worthwhile or entertaining. I cannot remember which.

My favorite place to eat is the International Building. It has New York craft beer, New York wine, and there are plenty of local, small restaurants that specialize in a variety of offering. There is a deli, sushi, Mediterranean, and there is vegan.

Strong Hearts Cafe, which is located on E. Genesee St. in Downtown Syracuse, specializes in vegan food. The also have some of the best milkshakes around. As an omnivore, I even have a difficult time comprehending what I’m eating isn’t meat. It’s delicious, and — importantly — healthy.

Rochester (I’m calling her that, because that’s where she lives and until a better pseudonym is chosen — it’s better than a series of number signs/hashtags), we dined at Strong Hearts, after finally coming across the vendor; I originally thought that they were in the Horticulture Building — nope. She got tofu, and I got the “chicken parm,” which is actually seitan. The picture is above.

For $9, it hit the spot.

At our table, thinking that they were going to leave, we were joined by a family of four. Sharing tables is kind and necessary when at The Fair. I couldn’t pinpoint where they were from, because the patriarch of the family spoke clear English … and then he spoke Spanish … and then he spoke broken English before transitioning in reverse to Spanish and then blatant ‘Merican.

If that what it takes to keep your kids bilingual, keep up the great work. I’m not disliking it. The kids were cute: the daughter — struggling to eat with chopsticks — was young and the son was younger. (That’s all I got. I cannot tell ages.)

Then the woman decided to breastfeed.

That’s fine, in my opinion. She covered herself up. The kid went to town for some calcium. That was that.

Rochester and I looked at each other, thinking she could have turned around to a more open area instead of whipping it out as we ate. But as stated: I’m fine with it. Rochester and shrugged our shoulders. There are ways of doing such things in public without doing it a foot away from strangers and making eye contact.

As soon as the boy was done, however, he came out from under the blanket. As he placed one hand on the indoor picnic table to balance himself, he just gazed at me. He had a half smile, but it was a smug did-you-see-what-I-just-did glare.

He was proud, and full. He didn’t have a drip falling from his lip.

But at that moment, if it was any guy who accomplished something — let’s say throwing two of three darts in the center bullseye — and then he comes over and nods as if to say: “It’s your turn.” or “You want to have at it?”

No, thank you. I had my fill of milk this year. Thanks, kid.

6 thoughts on “‘Fair’ Indulgence

  1. I took the kiddos to the fair and we too had to share a table with an elderly couple and of course they just wanted to talk with the kids and my youngest son, who is so amusing, kept them entertained. I didn’s see Strong Hearts but we did endulge in some deep fried Oreo’s YUM!!!! I’llhave to look for them next year that chicken parm did look good!

  2. Intriguing stuff. My Fair experience was partially like yours, partially not. The only animals I could find were cows & horses, and I didn’t want to see either of them. As for culinary delights… outside of the bacon-wrapped corn dog I didn’t taste anything new and old stuff I had… yuck! lol

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