Month: September 2015

New York Stories: ‘Fresh Air’

It’s difficult moving away from Brooklyn. Wait. Scratch that. It’s difficult choosing another place to stay when venturing to the New York City. The borough is becoming the home away from home, which is thoroughly enjoyed. Brooklyn is where I started my adulthood NYC adventures, and it will be held above the rest. However, if…

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‘Fair’ Indulgence

When you go to The Great New York State Fair, there are a few things that cannot be passed up. The sand sculpture has taken a turn for the miraculous, and the butter sculpture has opted for the mundane. The buildings, which contain any animal, are worth popping into. Suppose the Center of Progress is worth…

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It’s amazing what a short little conversation can and cannot lead to. “Nah, you’re coming with us. We’re going to the ‘Hippie Bar’, and you’re…” This statement faded, his loss of thought floated into the air. He asked: “What are you drinking?” I replied, Water. He continued. His train of thought rolled up State St.…

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