Month: March 2016

Knack of the Irish

Alex Fegan: The young man knows what he’s doing. The Dublin-born Co. Kerry resident is creating aesthetic eye candy and the visual storytelling the instinctually eloquent Irish can orate. The Palace Theatre, which knows how to put on a community event, held the Syracuse premiere of Older Than Ireland (2015), a documentary coming this April, showcasing the…

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Pink Hyena

The 3-foot-tall creature — her black hair with intricately cut bangs fell straight and danced slightly with the weakest of breezes — stood on her right leg with her foot positioned in the sedan, and her other swung freely in the air. She was singing something incomprehensible. HYENA (n.): a large animal of Asia and Africa that…

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The Commute Home

The boys climbed up the hill, which was set at an incline of about 40 degrees. Both carried a skateboard — one had his tucked beneath his arm, and the other held his by the truck — and each of their free arms served purposeful for balance. Although the brush hadn’t grown in yet, save the actual date and edging…

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