Don’t Bother Sitting Down

My debut into the working world full-time officially occurred in January 2006 as a paper pusher for a nursing facility. It developed into a better position with different responsibilities. While shifting around Loretto for four and a half years, not only did my responsibilities change, but my seating arrangements were also inconsistent.

Little did I know my moving around would serve as a precursor for situations down the road. After a decade, it has come into light: I’m a very transportable person. My soon-to-be nook at work has a fresh coat of paint on it and a tapestry has been hung as a door.

Almost set up shop on the side of the road a couple years ago. | Photo: Christopher S. Malone
Almost set up shop on the side of the road a couple years ago. | Photo: Christopher S. Malone

Let it be known I’ve enjoyed my time in all of the positions held since 1999. Some of the roles and duties were more pleasant and fun compared to others, but that goes with everything in life. After an idea to write this post and conversational and unintentional coaxing by friend Phil, let’s take a look:

Loretto: Four Years and Six Months, Six Desks

I began in the center office and often communal area. Commonly, it was referred to as The Fishbowl, appropriately named due in reference to the windows. The glass had the wire in them, which made it a safe zone and protected from flying applesauce or a thrown walker.  The Fishbowl was shared by a woman who comically tortured me with James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful,” because she knew how it bothered me. Our other roommate was a guy who licked everything — pens and pencils, stapler and scissors among other objects — so no one would take his possessions.

I then moved out of the bowl and across the hall. Next was a move to my direct supervisor’s office, which was away from the commotion. She and I then moved to “Outer Fishbowl,” where I previously resided. Then we returned to where we originally were before my supervisor physically left the room and another gent moved in.

(I got a mini fridge out of the last arrangement, and it’s still running today.)

Finally at the end of my tenure and before the cutbacks, I was moved to the front and admissions office.

State Senate: Two Years and Six Months, Five Desks

While working for central New York’s premiere and achieving state senator, my stint began at the very front desk, before immediately moving to the large office completely out of the scope of everything. (Honestly, it was too big of a space for one person.) It was soon decided to turn the office in to storage, and I returned to the front before moving a couple doors down to my own office.

After some shift, I moved out of my office to a hallway nook without a door, but I made it as fun as it could be, complete with a plastic basketball hoop above the recycle bin.

Freelancing Free-For-All

Cafe Kubal, Freedom of Espresso: Various tables
Kinani Blue: Random desk at The Tech Garden
My bedroom desk and bed.
Skaneateles Bakery: The only table for two sans bench
Creekside Books & Coffee: Hightop upstairs

Skaneateles JournalTen Months, One Desk

Now it’s called West Onondaga County Journal and part of The Citizen. Yeah, no crazy stories. The arm rests of my chair were rotting away.

Syracuse New Times: Six Months, Three Desks

The creative space getting filled, getting organized.
The creative space getting filled, getting organized. | Photo: Christopher S. Malone

For this I’ve only considered full-time employment with SNT. However, I began with sitting in the creative/graphics department before opting to sit in a quieter sales department.

As of currently, I’m settling into a nook. Instead of a door — it would have to be one giant door — I have a tapestry covering part of the opening for privacy. The built-in grid bookshelf is actually something I’ve always wanted in an office. There is an effort to bring books out of storage to fill the spaces up. All that’s missing is a fireplace with an intricately carved mahogany mantle.

The next step is finding an ergonomic and adjustable shelf to put the monitor and accessories on. I’ve seen the costs of some online, and there is great opposition to buy one for no more than $100. (Saving up for a camera is definitely more worth the wait.)

Instead, fashioning or building one of my own is probably more tactful. When hightop tables are available, when working remotely, they’ll be easily utilized.

Coming to Terms


It’s been a confusing process with coming to terms with being constantly moved around. It is something that I’ve done? I bathe and use deodorant. I brush my teeth, floss and gargle mouthwash. Maybe there is no place for me, and now this dilemma is plaguing the employer.

It’s not, but it’s fun to entertain. Someone has to know the layout of a building. It’s also good to know the rats have something to fear.

One thought on “Don’t Bother Sitting Down

  1. You’re not alone… my prior job included 10 years and 8 desk locations. The moves started to slow the last few years, but still existed! 🙂

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