Chocolate Dreams

If something isn’t broken, people will suggest it needn’t be fixed. If something is broken, however, well, fix it. When fixing whatever is broken, and in this case it’s dreaming, it’s important to research and attempt to resolve the issue through direct or even trial-and-error approaches. Any attempt is trial and error, because, well, people are different.

I used to be a great dreamer. In college, my taking a class on the subject encouraged better sleeping habits. This was the fall of 2005, and I had a plethora of worse habits to occupy my time. If I were to excel at something aside grades — it was one of my better semesters — it would have been sleeping better.

Consume. Yes... that's it. Consume... Source:
Drink. Yes, that’s it. Drink… | Source:

The following years, now it’s nearing 11 years, my ability to dream has slowly flickered out. Aside getting a new bulb, new practices have to be implemented. Eating rich, dark chocolate wouldn’t have been considered (at first).


Growing up, my mother always said eating popcorn before bed gave a person nightmares. That person in particular was my grandfather. To my excitement, I’d love when popcorn was made before hitting the hay. The best torture is personal torture. However, not too many nightmares were yielded.


However, the weird and tormenting dreams always resonated. For me, because, y’know, I cannot speak for anyone else, more often than not these odd situations would return. Also, and often some of the things have played out in waking life with little difference — this is sometimes intimidating.

I wrote an eye-rolling “short” story my last semester, and it was based on a series of recurring dreams. The beginning of the story takes place in a new apartment building in downtown Syracuse, NY. The narrator gets in the elevator, hits the button and the elevator stops at each floor before arriving at the destination. This gives the person the opportunity to get off, explore and get back on the elevator with no interruption. Long story short: The location dreamt about is the since-developed Pike Block.


Having recurring dreams are bittersweet, despite my loving them when they do occur. It feels great to revisit something, but it’s also disconcerting to know the outcome. Yet, although the dreams are attempted to be altered, the original result — the one trying to be avoided — plays out. What happens after that, however, changes. Cross fingers and hope this dream is a lucid one.

The familiar scenarios often take place in the same upside-down reality (that’s my one-and-done Stranger Things reference) my mind creates. Regarding the Downtown Syracuse mapped out during rapid eye motion (R.E.M.), there are similar aspects despite looking different. 


There is this one glorified mansion, which is probably more of the size of an abbey than anything else, that comes up quite often. I revisited the place a couple weeks ago.

A small piece of chocolate cake was placed in front of me. I was told by a wise woman: “You should try this. You’ll love it.” With blatant temptation overpowering curiosity, it was consumed. The rich deliciousness was so wonderful.

I woke up the next morning, and the bed was disheveled as if I wrestled a bear in my sleep.

In realty — dream reality — I was trying to escape the horrible abbey while drugged. Yes, deception presented itself. A person met in the dream could not be trusted, as assumed during R.E.M. The trap was still set and falling into it was inevitable.

Time to leave. Source:
Time to leave. | Source:

Normally I’d wake from the dream a split second before death. Yet, I managed to escape and blindly crawl my way out. Some kind of dust in my face, but it didn’t knock me out. Think of Scarecrow’s tactics in Batman Begins. 


Needless to say, I’ve been experimenting with chocolate before going to bed. In fact, this worked last night: Improv, more elevators and a bicycle with two flat tires, searching for a pump and more.

Thank you, ALDI for the delicious dark chocolate. I love what you do to me.

The treat is not enjoyed every night, because there is no sense in being dependent.  The desire is to coax my mind into dreaming habitually again. I want the process to be natural and not have to wane myself off. From consuming chocolate it’d be sniffing the powder for a “buzz” and finally a patch would be needed eliminating the sweet catalyst.

Or, like any normal person, it’s best to naturally force myself to develop better sleeping habits. Where’s the fun in that?

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