The One About Fritters

Yeah. I post something about fritters — apple fritters especially — on my Instagram account every Friday.

I’m also content with people saying something about this weekly habit whenever I utter the word and give the slightest verbal or nonverbal nod to the seven-letter glazed, doughy treat.

Like anything, including the sugary coat leaving a finger lickin’ and delicious residue to enjoy soon after, it has the potential to stick.

It irked saddened baffled plagued made me question when family, friends and colleagues tossed around the Fritter Friday hashtag (simply #FritterFriday) casually and not on the specified day.

I’m being known as that guy. What have I done?, I asked myself while stuffing my mouth with an apple fritter. The pieces of dough soaked up the tears streaming down my cheeks as they flowed into my mouth as the teeth did their thing. The sweetness turned salty.

Yeah, OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I’m only kidding.

However, whatever anxiety I did have about consistently posting weekly fritters disappeared. Any acknowledgement about Fritter Friday, for better or for worse, is endearment.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Apple maple walnut fritters at The Sweet Praxis

I truly do enjoy the fritters and am an equal fritter opportunity consumer. Fortunately, Harrison Bakery is right down the street, and it’s been my main source for these donut relatives. Depending on the time of day, how soon after I’ve made an appearance at the bakery, my fingerprints and nose smudge can still be seen gracing the glass.

Put it in front of me, I might eat it. Yes, might. There are limits.

I’m also still waiting on a challenge to Sky Armory’s culinary staff about jalapeño fritters.

I don’t know what coaxed me (fun with alliteration aside) to keep up the weekly food posts. It was something to do, similar to my love of diners and a personal goal to eat from every greasy spoon in the world.

After taking a more serious approach to Instagram, posting this weekly and silly effort serve as breaks in my feed. It’s taking a breath. With the Fritter Friday posts I’ve incorporated puns, dad jokes, skewed history facts with the word fritter included in the event and other tactics.

19221531_1538615336210635_8371408903470591918_oPlus keeping the consistent effort to treat myself once a week — my sweet tooth is fierce — keeps the pangs at bay and is something to look forward to.

And also people are wanting to get involved. I’ve never wanted to be the focus for my posts, but I want to share the experiences. It’s serving as a conversation piece. I tested the waters with including Frank Procopio, owner of Hair Habitat salon. It was a Fritter Friday alliteration field day with all the F’s.

Today, I got Modern Malt Bake Shop’s pastry chef Brandon Gore to take a photo with his massive Portuguese sweet bread fritter. Another delicious opportunity revealed itself, so I’ll be doubling up on the Friday food posts for the first time. (Hint: Photo above.)

Plus there are more ideas baking in the mental oven. Why bother or slightly consider stopping?

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