Masthead Brewing Company

The wind was in our sails this past Thanksgiving weekend. As my partner and I ventured forth to New Bavaria, Oh., a stop on the way in Cleveland was a very tasteful decision. 

Masthead Brewing Company, Cleveland [Photo by C. Malone]

We hit up Masthead Brewing Company, 1261 Superior Ave., for an enjoyable lunch. The spacious 300-plus seat brew pub lives up to the name of the street it sits on, especially when it comes to grub and grog. Going along with what seems to be the natural fit, the pub has a hefty offering of wood-fired pizzas.

The last time in the supposed “Rock and Roll Capital of the World,” we ventured to Collision Bend Brewing. Although we enjoyed the brewpub overlooking the river, it’s always appropriate to try something new in an unfamiliar — all the more so on my end — city.

We kicked off the quick meal with the goat cheese-stuffed dates. The halved dates were superfluously stuffed with the soft, flavorful cheese. They were all topped with drizzled honey and crushed pistachios.  

Goat Cheese-Stuffed Dates, Masthead Brewing Company [Photo by C. Malone]

As tempting as it was to eat one in one bite, smaller bites were the way to go. The combination of flavor is definitely something to be savored, but not saved.

Although the prosciutto pizza was a tad bit charred on the bottom for my liking, the ingredients put up their best effort like Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team in the second half of … well, any game. (Hashtag #CardiacCuse.)

Prosciutto Pizza, Masthead Brewing Company [Photo by C. Malone]

Looking at the photo directly above, please find the following ingredients before continuing on with this post:

  • prosciutto
  • butternut squash
  • onion
  • garlic
  • parmesan cheese
  • fontina cheese
  • olive oil (extra points)

Now that I think about it, the charred bottom actually kind of helped the pizza. When considering what’s topping the pie, the crust actually held everything well, and the added smokiness wasn’t appalling. 

There were many other offerings we wanted to try, which definitely gives us the incentive to go back. And the beer wasn’t too shabby either:

Fancy Flight, Masthead Brewing Company [Photo by C. Malone]

The beer shown:

  • Coffee Underverse: This Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with an immense 13.6% ABV, has a great body and balanced flavor. The barrel-aged makes itself known, but the booziness isn’t overwhelming. 
  • Abuela’s Imperial Chocolate Porter: A 10.1% ABV porter that didn’t taste overwhelmingly high in alcohol content. Not the most favorite porter I’ve had. 
  • Single Origin Coffee Stout: The nitro coffee stout is super flavorful, and an easy sipper. Made with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Six Shooter Coffee. Ranks in with 6.9% ABV.
  • Denali Vice: A highly enjoyable New England-style IPA with — you guessed it — Denali hops. Also hits 6.9% ABV.

There were many more that piqued my interest, but they would have had to wait. ‘Tis the season for stouts, which holds an equal amount of space in my heart as much as IPAs do.

Masthead will definitely be revisited down the road in life and the literal road. There was a lot to offer with products and atmosphere. The numerous community tables are one of the more notable aspects aside the floor-to-ceiling windows. Public spaces should encourage more conversation, and I think Masthead sees values that.

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