‘Cause It Was More Than Yellow

Instead of writing about Yellowstone National Park, here is a photo gallery instead. Of course the beauty of this place cannot be conveyed through photographs, nor can it be described in words. It was definitely a visually engaging experience, so the story is told through a camera. Enjoy some Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring, Black Sand Basin, and the surrounding pools/geysers.

I did speak to several people and many of the visitors were super friendly. I met a couple from the New England region, Rhode Island specifically, and we talked for a bit after I volunteered to take their photo for them.

There was also a family that decided to take a swim right below the Grand Prismatic Spring site, where Excelsior Geyser Crater empties into the Firehole River. Swimming, of course, is prohibited and extremely stupid. The temperature of the water of said geyser reaches 199°F. Needless to say, the rangers were all up on this nature encroachment.

Yes, it’s true we also enjoyed basking in hot spring water but it was a legitimate spa. The temperatures of the water in Thermopolis, WY, were well above 100°F but not twice the amount.

Hey, Dumb-dumbs! [Photo by C. Malone

Click each circle to see the full picture. All photos were taken by me. (Nor do I claim to be a professional photographer.)

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