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A Thank You Note

Dear Readers: Please accept my humble appreciation for the positive feedback surrounding yesterday’s post about the list of 40 great aspects of Syracuse.  There was no expectation after publishing it, but its impact was broader than anticipated.  A new set of expectations have been laid for myself from your motivation.  I’m glad I’ve touched hearts.…

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My Dating Routine

Yours truly went out on a dinner date this weekend.  [Round of applause.]  I know, right?  I never talk about my dating life, dates especially.  However, I’m not going to talk about it. There will be no talk about how we met, as idealistic as it was.  There will be no talk about the date,…

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The Parade of Homes 2013

It’s September, Central New York.  As we begin to hunker down and prepare for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons, there is still plenty to do around town.  Once again, the Home Builders and Remodelers of Central New York present the 2013 The Parade of Homes, which takes place September 7th through September 22nd.  This year’s featured houses…

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