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Mecurio Rising

Paul Mecurio has been stomping around the comedy scene for well over a decade. If you’ve been a fan of The Daily Show — the Jon Stewart years in particular, because he set the bar so high — you’ll probably recognize the comic’s contributions to the show. He’s made television appearances, especially in regard to the…

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My Type of Woman (Part ? of ?)

You all know I look at YouTube when it comes time to throw in music/videos.  Who doesn’t love a soundtrack?  I was working on a post, and Modest Mouse came up on Pandora.  YouTube was typed into the browser, and the search for that song was on my mind, because it is appropriate for the…

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Yes Everything

There is no reason to go into detail about the benefits of improv.  Taking improv classes and performing improv can benefit anyone in several way as far as communication, listening, personal growth, acceptance, and in other fields.  Practice makes perfect, and this can be useful to help someone step out of their shell, gain confidence, and…

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Hidden Stache

Growing a beard the last two weeks had been fun.  However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  It’s also best to quit while you are ahead.  It’s easy for me to get comfortable with aspects to life, and the beard definitely fit into that category of comfortability.  (I know comfortability…

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No ‘Trying’ While ‘Knowing’ That It ‘Can Be’ Done

I.  Intro to Non SICuitur Thursdays (2nd Impression) Just to let everyone know, Syracuse Improv Collective’s monthly Non SICuitur series is heating up.  After the second night of this series, which is located at the CNY Playhouse in Shoppingdown Mall, we had more improv than the last.  As a Syracuse Improv Collective member, I am proud to be a part…

Brad Pitt Dance

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