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Second Opinions

Last night, I ended up meeting up with a friend for a low-key evening. After a week of hustling around, sitting around for a low key evening was pretty necessary to experience. The following morning, today, was to be filled with improv from 10 AM to 3 PM, and the latter three hours were dedicated…

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Modern Familiarity

I cannot stop thinking about this past Wednesday’s episode, which is entitled “Under Pressure,” of Modern Family.  The overall viewing was still genuinely funny, but the tone of the episode is downtrodden in the sense that the characters’ quirks were explored.  This is not going to be my analyzing the episode and everyone’s behavior, because…

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Value of Weird

There’s been much talk about books recently.  It’s a sign.  It’s time to continue to write and type until my fingers fall off.  With all this work, my fingers have gotten a better work out than the rest of my body has, and that has to be stepped up a bit.  There are worse addictions.…

The Crack-Up by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Scheduling, Stacking, Committing

It’s almost time to experiment.  It will probably be a typical Wednesday thing–Weird Wednesdays.  That’s tomorrow.  (Duh.) Segments are what to aim for now, yes, so I probably don’t have to put pressure on myself updating every day.  It gets tedious sometimes, but–often times than not–you just gotta.  Believe it or not, I have priorities. This…

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Yes Everything

There is no reason to go into detail about the benefits of improv.  Taking improv classes and performing improv can benefit anyone in several way as far as communication, listening, personal growth, acceptance, and in other fields.  Practice makes perfect, and this can be useful to help someone step out of their shell, gain confidence, and…

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