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Tough Biscuits

For those who know my mother understand she’s a great cook. It’s not chauvinistic to point out her ability to maneuver and create edible art in the kitchen. My brother and I have learned a whole hell of a lot through our 30-plus years to keep our hands and feet working in our own settings. It’s only appropriate…

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Beneath It All

It’s that time of the year, this November part of autumn. Whether it’s a season or a concept, it’s an umbrella term for everything that’s great about the time of year. It’s the one last push, the colors created by Mother Nature are triumphs in the last moments before the Upstate New York weather turns…

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Why I Stopped Playing Soccer

Since the World Cup is currently a big thing at the moment — all the soccer haters now seem to love the sport, not realizing the original football is played year-round — let’s talk about my relationship with soccer and why my so-called career ended in 1998. It all comes down to being nobody’s fault but my own.…

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Fact: It’s Thursday.

Hey, everyone! Today is catching up day. It’s raining, it’s pouring, it’s a coffee-filled morning. In the fashion of the wonderful and whimsical, Paige, who writes at The Nice Thing About Strangers, my latest post was churned and brewed. For my weekly espresso shot with The Syracuse New Times:

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