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What’s Behind You?

There is a curiosity to figure out how much weight can be carried. The responsibility, the baggage, the dwelling … All of it adds up to a stress that seems to linger and lag behind. Even the great aspects of life can take their tolls and join, add to the negativity and stress, because great aspects…

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A couple nights ago, I died in my dream. There have been instances of my being shot, stabbed, falling out of trees and tumbling down hills, and instances of falling out of skies and off of cliffs and down into never-ending pits. I’ve never actually died; well, not an instance can be remembered. I can…

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Stepping Out, Away

There are a handful of posts about my wanting to see the movie Beginners, which stars Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer and Melanie Laurent. I got to finally see it, and the movie is amazing. It’s honest, and it’s more of a drama with aspects of romance and comedy appropriately interwoven. There is uncertainty why the…

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Coming to Conclusions

Conclusions are hard to accept.  There is nothing fun about them, no matter if the ending note is a positive one.  The end is the end, whether you see it or not. No, I’m not stopping writing.  You cannot get rid of me that easily. Whether the ending is this week’s episode of your favorite show, the…

Tea Mug

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My Next Step (Part 1 of 2)

Thursday, the 5th of December, is our/the Syracuse Improv Collective’s final open mic night (Non SICuitur Thursday) of the year.  The show will be at the CNY Playhouse in Shoppingtown Mall.  We will be continuing this monthly series next year, because people have been increasingly interested in it.  They’ll be performances of  improv, music, and stand up comedy.  This…

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