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The Red Table Relationships

I walked by the coffee shop alongside the series of vertical windows and looking in to see if there were spots available — limited prime real estate. The room isn’t filled, and finding a seat at one of the tables can be secured easily. Normally on sunny days like this Sunday, the outdoor seating options…

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Visible (Part Two)

On May 18, Michael John Heagerty and I sat on the steps CNY Jazz Central’s theatre, and we played a game of catch-up; it was a couple (maybe more) weeks of not seeing each other. At one point he made a note of my efforts to be more picture heavy social media platform Instagram. “You’re in love,” he…

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Love Machine

For the first time in my 33 1/3 years, my feet walked through the doors of Spaghetti Warehouse. Shocker, right? Especially since my first word, as the legend goes, was meatball. A sit-down dinner did not ensue, but instead enjoyed a local brew and hung out with familiar and new faces. The small group was hanging out in the other…

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