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Real Terror

There were literally no words after walking out of the theatre post-The VVitch or (The Witch) — not for a few minutes, at least. There was a desire for “quiet time” or some activity to take the mind off of what was just experienced. With this film, it’s safe to say there has been a noticeable shift in horror…

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Things, Places Not As They Seem

On Tuesday, my Inevitable Coffee Ring for the post (Finding the Nerve) was clear and simple. It was about the Great New York State Fair, types patrons you would see at the fair were talked about, facing fears and pursuing passions, thrill rides were mentioned, and the moment before the coaster’s speedy descent and travel…

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Value of Weird

There’s been much talk about books recently.  It’s a sign.  It’s time to continue to write and type until my fingers fall off.  With all this work, my fingers have gotten a better work out than the rest of my body has, and that has to be stepped up a bit.  There are worse addictions.…

The Crack-Up by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Another Pub Story

This is just a short piece of fiction.  After reading Fool on the Hill by Matt Ruff and having a pint at The Old Toad in Rochester, I felt compelled to write a flash fiction stream of conscious scene.  Thanks have to be given to Ken, who is a mentor with improv, because I considered his…

The Old Toad -- Rochester, NY

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Spy, Baby… I Wish

To kick things off, I have to express a guilty pleasure of mine.  I don’t know why “Royals” by Lorde is so friggin’ catchy, but it is.  Recently, I began following a blog, papergong, which posts viral YouTube videos.  On papergong, there is a video by Beef Seeds, a bluegrass band, performing their rendition of “Royals.” …

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Another Chapter Begins

There is a blog that I follow, and the writer has entitled her blog as Reluctant Writer Girl; her blog can be found by clicking this link.  She posts a lot of great pictures, quotes, and other inspirational tidbits that you’ll love.  I highly suggest that you visit the site.  The other day, she posted…

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