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The Lost Horizon: Hidden Track

It was serendipitous that Frank Turner mentioned Syracuse-area hardcore band Earth Crisis, how he talked about seeing them in concert, enjoying them, and it was alluded that the band inspired him in a sense. When it comes to anything — negative or positive — the resonating impact is life altering in some way, shape or…

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New York Stories: ‘Fresh Air’

It’s difficult moving away from Brooklyn. Wait. Scratch that. It’s difficult choosing another place to stay when venturing to the New York City. The borough is becoming the home away from home, which is thoroughly enjoyed. Brooklyn is where I started my adulthood NYC adventures, and it will be held above the rest. However, if…

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A Tale of Two Darwinisms

“Has everyone had the chance to meet Chris?” was the question uttered at the meeting. It can mean only one thing. Changes. It’s a part time job, but it’s a new job. It’s a new office, which has new coworkers. The area focused upon is in a new part of “town,” but headquarters is located in another county…

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