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How I’d Like Be Offed

For sure the worst ways to die, in my opinion would be: Zombie food:  The thought of being ravaged by the undead would only be slow and obviously painful. Drowning:  You’re aware that you’re lungs are being filled and you are unable to breathe. Fire:  Another death that you’re aware that it’s happening.  I’d rather…

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The Oliver Session

This is Oliver. In case you haven’t noticed, Oliver is a cat.  He’s an orange cat.  One day–I am sure of this–he’ll be a famous cat just like Garfield, Tigger, Hobbes, and… well… Oliver from the animated Disney film.  You’re probably thinking how ridiculous it is that I’m boasting about hanging out with another cat.  You’re probably accousing me…


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Adirondack Mountain Casino? No.

Let’s get political. I made a stink on Twitter yesterday about deforestation in the Adirondack Mountain area regarding a casino and otherwise.  Yes, you can call me a tree hugger, but the environment is important to me.  Before man evolved on Earth, there was nature and nothing but nature.  Yes, I believe in evolution; sure,…

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A couple months ago friends asked me if I would like to join their book club.  A month after, the discussion of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz occurred over good food and grog.  In between then and yesterday, we were to read Fool on the Hill by Matt Ruff. The novel, which…

The Suspension Bridge

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Back Into the Woods

What I’m listening to now, or consistently, is the band The Senators. Simply play the song in the background while you read this post. Since they first started following me on Twitter, The Senators have been a significant part of my playlist.  The band originates from the southwest, which is the complete opposite of my being…

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GoldenEye for an Eye

In the mid-1990’s the legacy of Ian Fleming and his James Bond continued to capture the hearts of fans new and old.  Many hours since that age of 12 had been occupied in front of the television, watching these James Bond flicks with my father in particular.  Sean Connery, as many others may share this opinion,…


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