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ABC Award

Ursula, the writer and mastermind behind the blog An Upturned Soul, nominated me for an ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award.  So Ursula, thank you so much for the nomination.  As for others, please check her writing out! The rules of this blog award are: 1. Display the logo on your blog. 2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and…

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The Beast and Dragon, Adored

Yesterday, blogger Mark Bialczak nominated me for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award, and I am grateful for this recognition.  So, thank you, Mark.  I’m going to say, again, that it’s a pleasure to have crossed paths and to have shaken this writer’s hand. A post isn’t the same without some music, and this song quickly came…

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The Liebster Award

I need to get cracking on this Liebster Award business, because it’s been about a week… maybe more. PART ONE Thank you to Lara, who has now surpassed the disqualifying 200-follower mark.  I technically cannot give backsies for nominating me, but since she now has over the 200 limit… well, too bad, Lara.  How dare you…

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