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Sleep Certain

The morning rising without an alarm is blissful. The naturally waking up aspect is quite wonderful. It’s stress-free. I’ve always been a motionless sleeper. My brother made a comment within the past week that, when we were younger and shared the same room, he’d look over to my lying in a coffin position. He mimicked…

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Nothing New

Not too much has been going on.  On Saturday, we celebrated my buddy Dan’s 30th birthday, and a day was made out of it.  It got to the point where exhaustion hit, and I was drinking water most of the night so I could drive home safely.  The afternoon was spent at CNY Brewfest, which…

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I Want to Walk Your Cat

This post contains fun anecdotes about animals. When I wrote my piece for Kinani Blue about being persistent and consistent, a video of a clutch 90’s Saturday Night Live skit, featuring Adam Sandler and Chris Farley–The Herlihy Boy.  If you’re not familiar with the skit, click the link, because the video is on there.  It got…

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The Oliver Session

This is Oliver. In case you haven’t noticed, Oliver is a cat.  He’s an orange cat.  One day–I am sure of this–he’ll be a famous cat just like Garfield, Tigger, Hobbes, and… well… Oliver from the animated Disney film.  You’re probably thinking how ridiculous it is that I’m boasting about hanging out with another cat.  You’re probably accousing me…


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