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Visible (Part One)

Before catching a couple shows last Thursday (Root Shock at Funk ‘N Waffles and The Magnetic Pull, Heretofore and Formidable Duke at Otro Cinco), I relaxed with Adam Gopnik’s From Paris to the Moon and an ale outside at Clark’s Ale House. I only spent about 45 minutes at the ailing beer and beef joint, but it…

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Scheduling, Stacking, Committing

It’s almost time to experiment.  It will probably be a typical Wednesday thing–Weird Wednesdays.  That’s tomorrow.  (Duh.) Segments are what to aim for now, yes, so I probably don’t have to put pressure on myself updating every day.  It gets tedious sometimes, but–often times than not–you just gotta.  Believe it or not, I have priorities. This…

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Beyond My Control (Part 1)

It’s always great to catch up with people–friends and/or colleagues–the positive ones, the individuals who you would like to see yourself associating with or being in years to come.  Mark, who is the brains behind the cooking and eating (and writing) what’s compiled in The Proof is in the Eating, a food blog, is one of…

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