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Believe it or not: Central New York is is filled with friendly people. There may be an overabundance of lousy or malicious drivers, but those behind the wheel are kinder and less aggressive when they step away from the petals. However, we may take being cordial and those who are for granted. I. Greetings A…

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Meticulous Mannerisms

Last Two Saturdays ago, the rainy day was a bit distracting. To cure it, the best bet seemed to go see a movie. The Landmark Theatre had kicked off its summer classic film series, and seeing a flick in an actual theatre was more than fitting, and it could not be resisted. Running into fellow improvisers,…

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Natural vs Processed

SPLENDA (processed) He strolled in with a smile on his face, passing by the coffee bar and settling with perusing the landscape of the cafe. He opted for pivoting in place a couple times, the friction of his foot on the floor emphasized his indecisiveness, before leaning against a high-top and pulling out his phone. She…

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Time Dismantlement

Welcome back to another installment and more adventures in the unemployment world! It’s strange to me. It’s that I almost doubted myself for a split-second. In that split-second, all hell could have broke loose, because giving up would be the automatic shitting that your body does after it dies. It takes a while to do…

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Insight From Dilemma

This week has been rapid fire, busy, and … well, emotional. There was no intention on even updating this week. Readers know how to find my other and “focused” blog, The Inevitable Coffee Ring, through Syracuse New Times.  The post on Tuesday can’t really be talked about, and insight cannot be given about it — it will…

foggy encouragement

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And Sometimes

Sometimes when you least expect it, you’ll find a gem. Sometimes that gem-to-be is covered in soot or dirt or dust. Sometimes it’s so simple. However, when you notice this gem, it will morph into something greater and sweeter than you expected. My latest with Syracuse New Times. Here’s your espresso shot:  http://www.syracusenewtimes.com/espresso-shot-003/

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Oh, Time

Time, it’s not on our side.  With all the issues like France’s restricting checking emails after 6 p.m., moving Passover because American Jews are too busy, and the concept of Black Friday blanketing Thanksgiving and bumping the holiday off the calendars. Are we Stateswomen and Statesmen working too much? Paying attention to our technology? Essentially ignoring ourselves…

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