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The Commute Home

The boys climbed up the hill, which was set at an incline of about 40 degrees. Both carried a skateboard — one had his tucked beneath his arm, and the other held his by the truck — and each of their free arms served purposeful for balance. Although the brush hadn’t grown in yet, save the actual date and edging…

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In Park

Why do we feel compelled to take pictures of things that are so numbing and irrelevant to anything? The artist may say that they find art in the simplistic of things. There is no personal designation as artist. Concepts are to be found, however. A bouquet of metaphors need to be placed in a vase…

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Femininity in Retrospect | Franklin Square | Downtown Syracuse

Originally posted on Christopher S. Malone:
Great ideas come to those in retrospect. The Tazo tea–Lotus–steeping in the cup, paper.  And this reminds me:  Downtown Syracuse should put out more recycle-friendly bins.  I am one of those persons who finishes what’s in the cup, drinking tea for enjoyment and refreshment and soul saturation.  However, amidst the…

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Observations: February 13 – 16

The snowfall is a thought catalyst that evokes acknowledgement of others’ mentalities, the common senses of those around you.  Do they have it or don’t they? We have those that mosey in the middle of the roads, selfishly blending two lanes that others share and drive within into one for their very own. Those that…

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Observations: February 07 – 09

When ordering a S——-s cup of coffee:   Please could you hold the pretentiousness?  It will be taken black, but it is not enjoyable when it tastes burned. ***   ***   *** Finally meeting Jim, sharing a firm handshake. He recognized me, credit that has to be given. Bless those orange Chuck Taylor sneakers. ***…

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An Exit

With one last effort, as dynamic as the last push had been, the fire flickering from the center of the candle exhausted itself.  The burst of smoke illuminated and dispersed as quickly as the spark from a finger snap’s friction.  However, the longer the smoke lingered, the sorry one felt for it.  Despite it being…

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