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Chocolate Dreams

If something isn’t broken, people will suggest it needn’t be fixed. If something is broken, however, well, fix it. When fixing whatever is broken, and in this case it’s dreaming, it’s important to research and attempt to resolve the issue through direct or even trial-and-error approaches. Any attempt is trial and error, because, well, people…

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Of Dreams

Let it be known that I’m not an expert with analyzing dreams.  This is just a take, a hypothetical query, my opinion, on what could be.  After all, we all love possibility. “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream at night.” Edgar Allan Poe After this weekend’s observation…

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My Infatuation With Paris

In relation with the previous post of My Favorite Trilogy, considering Julie Delpy is French, saving the notion about my dreams of visiting Paris, past thoughts returned and were running through my mind.  This is all despite the consistently daily to every-other-day mentioning of Chicago by an outside source.  However, I still find myself dreaming of Paris,…


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Living the Dream?

This is me coming back from a weekend.  Back to writing and job searching.  As it stands, while standing in Syracuse and embracing my Mr. Fantastic abilities, I’m stretching out my arms out to two places:  New York and Chicago.  There is a great chance that I’d find a job in either city, but going about…

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Hate This, and I’ll Love You: Sporadic Attic Anecdotes

Anecdotes.  Anec-DOH!-tes.  Antidotes.  Barter.  Banter.  Barfer.  Conjugal.  Cordial.  Conjunct.  Daring.  Darning.  Dashing.  Elation.  Elegant.  Elephant.  Flora.  Fauna.  Forfeit.  Great.  Grate.  Greet.  Hibbity.  Habbity.  Hop.  Improve.  Improv.  Impure.  Jump.  Jeep.  Jack.  Kick.  Knick.  Knack.  Lack.  Loose.  Louse.  Mouse.  Moose.  Mousse.  Noose.  Nose.  Noise.  Ole!  Okay.  OK.  Par-tay.  Parlay.  Parfait.  Quart.  Quirk.  QWERTY.  Ribbit.  Rabbit.  Rubic.  Scibbity. …

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