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Swan Lake Proves Magical

I grew up reading Hans Christian Anderson and The Brothers Grimm. I continually enjoy Disney films, both new and old, reveling in the animated stories that never cease winning over the hearts and minds of a span of ages. The Syracuse City Ballet really did a number with its production of Swan Lake. At the beginning of the three-hour-long performance,…

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What Are the ‘Kids’ Doing?

I finally made to the Downtown Syracuse location of Funk ‘N Waffles. I’m impressed, to be honest. It lives up to what it boasted: food, fun, music, waffles. Although there wasn’t time or opportunity to eat at the venue, because the group of us had enjoyed a nice hot, meal to alleviate the blustery winter…

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Thanksgiving: A Break Down

I hope everyone had a wonderful, fun, safe Thanksgiving and–for those who celebrate–beginning of Hanukkah. The holiday was kicked off and extended by meeting up and hanging out with two close friends:  John and Kaitlin.  John is a buddy of mine from high school, and he’ll probably be running The New York Times one day.  This is always stated, but…

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