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I made a new friend recently. Our relationship precedes this present level and understanding for at least a year, and maybe even two. I’ve seen Terry come and go from my usual Freedom of Espresso hangout in Franklin Square. He’s seen me before, too. As time went on, he began greeting me, waving and smiling; I…

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Due to recent instances of catching people in the act of telling others something aside the blatant truth, I’ve been thinking a lot about duplicity quite often as of recently.  Just because someone breaks something, it doesn’t mean it’s a full-blown fracture; the bone isn’t sticking out of the skin either.  With the reading I have…

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Simple Gestures

Residents of Central New York complain when we have too much snow or that it’s too humid during the summer. We are lucky. This is where I could go on a tirade about weather-related disasters, and that we Central New Yorkers should be thanking our lucky stars when we look at other locations across the country, places where tornadoes…

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