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New York Stories: ‘Just Art?’

I feel at home at the Museum of Modern Art. It’s an educational beacon. Most of the time — this defines a successful trip — I leave wanting to research artists for their art, for their madness. Write something memorable, he said. Some guy. Because writing something memorable allows you to be memorable, more marketable,…

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New York Stories: ‘Postscript’

My early arrival to the Cuban diner, Copellia, was appropriate. For one, I didn’t want my unfamiliarity to get the best of me this time. Instead of standing outside, waiting for Martin to arrive, I headed into the neighboring The Donut Pub. The storefront’s window boasted some of the greatest looking donuts that I’ve seen.…

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Brooklyn and What Whitman Said

It is obvious for the New York City outsider to get nervous while taking the subway.  Nothing has really prevented me from doing what I’d like to do.  Improv has helped my confidence significantly.  I took the N Train to 57th and 7th, because I was meeting Cole and Becky and the kids out at…

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