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The Hump, Bumped

So, the post that was to go out today has been postponed.  There are a few things that need to be tweaked and polished, because it’s been enjoyable to write; as always, being 100 percent satisfied with my work is never going to happen. For those just tuning in, I’ve been writing for a friend’s…

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My Third Blog

The title of this post is to signify that I’m participating with a third blog.  Yes, I want to write; ergo, I shall.  This is also a blatant Scrubs reference since all of the episodes begin with My and are followed by a something or other.  Since this is another episode/chapter of my life, this is appropriate.Despite my technically being…

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Marketing, Anxiety, and Failure

The support of local radio is important.  Granted it’s free radio, but you should be appreciating what the stations do for you:  providing you with fun morning banter, news, and great music.  The frustration with certain songs and artists being played over and over again can become redundant to the point of annoying, and this can be frustrating to you; I…


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