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Visible (Part One)

Before catching a couple shows last Thursday (Root Shock at Funk ‘N Waffles and The Magnetic Pull, Heretofore and Formidable Duke at Otro Cinco), I relaxed with Adam Gopnik’s From Paris to the Moon and an ale outside at Clark’s Ale House. I only spent about 45 minutes at the ailing beer and beef joint, but it…

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Musical Chairs

When the nice, summer weather was in full force — let’s say June — I spent a free evening at a NoExcuses interest meeting. Michael John Heagerty’s outreach evening to look for possible guides interested in giving future tours. Considering my schedule, knowing I couldn’t offer anything more than positive reinforcement… well, my presence was simply that. The guy has…

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New York Stories: ‘Just Art?’

I feel at home at the Museum of Modern Art. It’s an educational beacon. Most of the time — this defines a successful trip — I leave wanting to research artists for their art, for their madness. Write something memorable, he said. Some guy. Because writing something memorable allows you to be memorable, more marketable,…

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