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A Thank You Note

Dear Readers: Please accept my humble appreciation for the positive feedback surrounding yesterday’s post about the list of 40 great aspects of Syracuse.  There was no expectation after publishing it, but its impact was broader than anticipated.  A new set of expectations have been laid for myself from your motivation.  I’m glad I’ve touched hearts.…

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My Infatuation With Paris

In relation with the previous post of My Favorite Trilogy, considering Julie Delpy is French, saving the notion about my dreams of visiting Paris, past thoughts returned and were running through my mind.  This is all despite the consistently daily to every-other-day mentioning of Chicago by an outside source.  However, I still find myself dreaming of Paris,…


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Beyond My Control (Part 1)

It’s always great to catch up with people–friends and/or colleagues–the positive ones, the individuals who you would like to see yourself associating with or being in years to come.  Mark, who is the brains behind the cooking and eating (and writing) what’s compiled in The Proof is in the Eating, a food blog, is one of…

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The ride back on the N felt habitual.  There was no thought as to the location of my destination; it was known, my steps were already calculated.  The sun was preparing to turn in; it’s August in New York, and the slightest changes are already noticeable.  As I am typing these words down–this will be my…

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Women are cunning.  It’s not a bad thing, and it wasn’t meant to sound like that.  Cunning is a compliment.  It’s clever.  It’s because of their keen intuition.  They are cunning because they are the sole reason why us men fall in love with them.  Yes, even the gay men out there; you love women, but in…

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