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Meticulous Mannerisms

Last Two Saturdays ago, the rainy day was a bit distracting. To cure it, the best bet seemed to go see a movie. The Landmark Theatre had kicked off its summer classic film series, and seeing a flick in an actual theatre was more than fitting, and it could not be resisted. Running into fellow improvisers,…

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This One is for Paul

Be safe this New Year’s Eve. This song and video is purposeful in many reasons. When 80’s pop songs play in the background of a party, whatever you’re doing causes you stop whatever you’re doing and dance.  This is true for us white folk, who have no rhythm outside of what he (or she) has…

Woo Girls

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Brohood Etiquette

 Bromance.  Broship.  Bro Code.  Brohood.  These concepts have been circling around my head for a couple days now. On Friday, not the day or tipping point in particular, Paul and I decided to head out to Armory Square for a couple pints.  We haven’t been out for a long while, and the last time we all (Carl…


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