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Observations: March 19 – 23

This song is so appropriate for some reason [I have yet to figure out]. Noticing a used hardcover book of 300+ pages–a collection of collections–of e e cummings’ poetry sitting near the register. ***   ***   *** The United States Congressman, representing Central New York, spilling coffee upon himself.  (More on that later… Tuesday.)…

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Brooklyn: Unnameable Nook

Perhaps all of This is wrong.  I’m doing This all wrong, and by pressuring myself to fulfill the desire for the bigger and better novel and blowing the undermining out of proportion with my desire for detail to drive a short story—no matter how short or long the story may be—which, when it comes down…

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Mind. Blown.

Sometimes you have to step back for a moment, and your physical location does not matter.  You have to put things into perspective. Sure onlookers and those who pass by will look at you, well, differently; however, that shouldn’t really matter.  Things are going well, and you don’t know what to do with yourself.  Life’s…

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