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Justin Timberlake is Real

It was a typical (early) dinner: Sitting at the bar instead of a table, reading a book. A burger was being prepared, and I was reading about about some guy named Sam Pulsifer. He was convicted of accidentally burning down Emily Dickinson’s home. The kicker: Two people were making love upstairs, and were killed in…

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I made a new friend recently. Our relationship precedes this present level and understanding for at least a year, and maybe even two. I’ve seen Terry come and go from my usual Freedom of Espresso hangout in Franklin Square. He’s seen me before, too. As time went on, he began greeting me, waving and smiling; I…

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Observations: February 07 – 09

When ordering a S——-s cup of coffee:   Please could you hold the pretentiousness?  It will be taken black, but it is not enjoyable when it tastes burned. ***   ***   *** Finally meeting Jim, sharing a firm handshake. He recognized me, credit that has to be given. Bless those orange Chuck Taylor sneakers. ***…

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