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The Never-Ending Staircase

We don’t constantly think about or put pressure on ourselves to acknowledge our growing every single day; we are going to learn and grow no matter the circumstances. We should not dwell on regrets, but we learn from the past. We often look ahead, but we don’t want to be too specific about quick hard-to-reach…

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Explanation Shmexplanation

There really isn’t too much to talk about in regard to my posts this week. They are what they are: a restaurant review and a quick thought provoker. Wednesday night and early-early Thursday morning, I had this whole scenario and post written about about gentlemanly behavior in the downtown-on-Saturday-night bar scene. A guy we had seen…

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Things, Places Not As They Seem

On Tuesday, my Inevitable Coffee Ring for the post (Finding the Nerve) was clear and simple. It was about the Great New York State Fair, types patrons you would see at the fair were talked about, facing fears and pursuing passions, thrill rides were mentioned, and the moment before the coaster’s speedy descent and travel…

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Thrice Thursday

It’s that time, folks. Insight into both posts today. Yeah, about that. So, I’ll keep this third post really short. Over at SNT, which is turning into my new home rather than the WordPress world — for this, I am sorry. Today’s post is a two-fer, because second guessing got the best of me after writing…

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Insight From Dilemma

This week has been rapid fire, busy, and … well, emotional. There was no intention on even updating this week. Readers know how to find my other and “focused” blog, The Inevitable Coffee Ring, through Syracuse New Times.  The post on Tuesday can’t really be talked about, and insight cannot be given about it — it will…

foggy encouragement

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Writing Oddly

Welcome to the morning stretch. You can sit there; your mind is the focus today. It’s been addressed before, writing blocks and funks. We, any of us, can embrace it and focus on a different project (we really do have different projects that need attention in our work) to keep our mind going. Not doing will…

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