I know blogging about the Superbowl is redundant and cliche, but I just have to!

No, the misspelling was intentional as opposed to the poor entertainment provided by last night’s yearly football extravaganza.  Each week, we anticipate and countdown to this Sunday Funday, a day where friends get together, eat extraordinarily unhealthy, drink beer, and watch some great American Football.  Sometimes, well, most of the time, considering “your team” rarely makes it in, watching those commercials are the most entertaining aspect. 

Foremost, I have to congratulate Green Bay Packers on defeating the Steelers, the team whose coach’s cockiness finally caught up with him, whose quarterback will probably go back to his therapy of drinking and inappropriate behavior.  It only proves Pittsburgh’s defeating the Jets was a fluke. 

Yes, I went there.

I didn’t hear this, but I’m absolutely gracious about not hearing it.  Once again, another note over exaggerating singer was chosen to sing the national anthem.  The news feed on Yahoo provided me with information about Christina Aguilera sucker punching America by screwing up the National Anthem.  The article notes that Twitter updates were spreading like the plague.  At the end of the article, there is a quoted Tweet by Deion Sanders.  “Y’all leave Christina alone i was just informed that was the remix. The nfl was running behind so she was sweet enough to help us out.”

Here are my issues:

#1:  Twitter is helping dumb America by allowing people to dismiss grammar and spelling.  Without practice, with abbreviations and lack of punctuation, it gives us a “free pass” to come across as intelligent when trying to write something substantial.

#2:  Deion Sanders clearly illustrates his intelligence and etiquette, leading to…

#3:  The NFL was running behind?  So?  That’s not our problem.  Let it run behind.  By “remixing” the National Anthem, eliminating lines or combining lines, is not an appropriate excuse.  And so…

#4:  YOU CANNOT REMIX THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!  As stated above, our National Anthem is our National Anthem.  This crucial part of our country, provided at the beginning of every sporting event.  I am embarrassed by this.  I am embarrassed for all service men and women attending that event.  I am embarrassed for all Americans.  To hell with ratings and commercials and all that other momentary endeavors for profit and popularity. 

First, I have heard better singing at an Syracuse Orange game, by amateur singers who do not over exaggerate notes.  Second, for someone who has professionally performed in front of large crowds, especially since she probably have performed the National Anthem before, messing up the lyrics by getting caught up in the moment, is not an excuse.  However, she kept going and finished; that’s credible, but expected and cliched credit.

Well, I’m glad I got that off my chest.

I know the older bands have not been effective with the halftime show, at least they have tried.  They play their own instruments and do not need voice modulators.  Sure Roger Daltrey (The Who’s praised singer) probably needed help with that unforgettable scream, but he’s in his mid-sixties.  Let’s be realistic, not futuristic.  This Black Eyed Peas performance also proves the amount of work that is needed to help bands sound good, proving their inability to sing or rap in a raw performance.  Unfortunately, this band still has a career for the time being.

Slash provided no added bonus.  Usher was an absolute waste of time, repeating one lines and dancing. 

A friend, Jeremy, posted via Facebook that his expectations were low to begin with, but the show was visually entertaining.  I’ll give BEP that, but I would think–aside the bird’s eye shots on television–one would have to be in the upper nosebleed sections of the stadium to get the full effect of the show.  However, the big “Love” stage.  What did the performance have to do with love?  I didn’t love it.  I was far from enjoying any part about it. 

Now reflecting upon the commercials, there were few that caught my eye.  Doritos produced good ones.  Snickers utilized comedians who have been thought to have disappeared.  Audi had a very funny Yuppie commercial and Bridgestone showcased a humerous commercial with beaver saving a man’s life after his tires helped him manuver around the woodland creature at a previous moment.

I’m not looking forward to any of the movies previewed:  Cowboys and Aliens, Transformers 3, Captain America:  The First Avenger, Thor, and Super 8.  The latter, from J. J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg, although thinking it may be a remake of E.T., looks the most interesting.  I’m not a huge science fiction fan, but it looks interesting. 

The movies have taken on a pattern with a superhero craze.  Television has done the same, but consistent with everything centering around New Jersey and stereotyping Italians.  I want to have a big Italy-centered post soon, but that’s for the positive and nothing to do with annoying American television’s quasi-Italians.  I know Hollywood is trying to pump out all these Marvel comic derrived movies, with intentions of producing an Avengers movie, but let’s be serious folks:  X-Men is the only series where you can have several big-named heroes on one screen.  I am going to guess the Avengers movie, when released, is going to be really cheesy and a hot mess. 

Well, I’m glad the championship is over.  Green Bay played well and I’m glad they succeeded.  Now, we can all hope for a better next year, especially when reflecting on the major screw-ups this year.

Pittsburgh fans, don’t be upset.  Somewhere in the world people are doning those Steelers’ championship shirts, hats, and other memorabilia.  It’s just not the United States.

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