Baby Face

I dislike shaving, but I have to do it. For the types of jobs I’m searching for, which is quite necessary now, it’s almost certain that being clean shaven is a requirement. If you want to be a New York Yankee, you have to shave. If you don’t enjoy the itch that comes with the act, growing might not be for you.

Not shaving is almost a blessing. It’s one less thing that has to be accomplished in the morning. Trimming is important, but it still does not take long … for some people. There’s always that perfect length, but facial hair grows. And that can be frustrating.

Friends of mine have awesome beards — Michael, Sam, Frank, and P. Brady to name a few. I’m jealous of them.

It’s also frustrating to cut oneself, especially by our lips. It’s not fun to taste pennies when you’re trying to do an efficient job. I wine like a child to myself when preparing to shave.


Unfortunately, I’m not participating in No-Shave November, because my face was shaved today. I know. It’s a bummer. But …

Like many initiatives, it’s important to remember the reasons behind the fun and gimmicks. Often the participants fail to recognize why people are not shaving. In similar fashion to the ALS challenge, where people thought wasting water was a legitimate get-out-free supplement for donating money, many forgot to post a link to the organization’s donation page along with their video.

In regard to many causes, raising money is not a one-time-per-year thing.

No-Shave November is a product of raising cancer awareness, and it’s aggravating to see the participants infatuated with the gimmick aspect, boasting their facial hair, but they are not mentioning anything about raising money for The American Cancer Society. In many cases, the beard and stache growers don’t provide a link to the donation page, which is disappointing when you consider the cancer awareness initiative has website dedicated to itself.

Treat yourself and help others. 

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6 thoughts on “Baby Face

  1. That mustache is creepy! All of them are. I’m also doing no shave November. But then, I did no shave October and no shave September. I’m just a giver like that.

  2. I shave the neck, and shave the top of the cheeks. Otherwise … not since 1979. Clipped, trimmed, yes. But not shaved. You’ve seen the results, sir. You look good, Chris. No whining.

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