Warming Up This Morning

This morning was nice and brisk. I was able to scrape off the ice on my car quickly, but the windshield was still quite icy, and that probably helped keep the interior quite chilly. As I am cat sitting again, the access to the downstairs coffee shop is quite convenient to grab a cup as the car wakes up a little bit.

Winter is upon us in the northeast. And it’s best to accept it, because the only way around it is to leave, and many of us do not.

When I arrived at my parents, mom decided to tell me a dream that she had, and it is quite interesting. After deliberation and consideration, the post will have to be a Thursday Syracuse New Times Espresso Shot. Keep your eyes peeled for that. It’d be too easy to write about it for today, a day that doesn’t get much traffic. Weekends are busy for a lot of people, and this one is busy for me. So, it would be easier to write about the dream. It’s also a cop-out in a sense. This gem my mom gave me game after a car ride full of thought, thinking about what to write.

But, fine. Here is a hint to the Thursday post: writing.

(Yep, you dislike me for that one.)

Considering today was going to be a busy one, save the fact that I overbooked myself with activities, it would be in my best interest to go for a run. I got my gear on for the four-miler, and off I ran. It’s going to be another long winter, and there is no better time than now to get my body accustomed to the temperature downward spiral. It’s refreshing to go for a run in the winter (when dressed comfortably). The trick is to dress comfortably, to wear enough and not too much clothing. Your body will not thank you for that. Wear too little: you’re body will dislike you even more. As you run, you’re going to naturally warm up.

Winter walking is a little different, and layers will do you a little bit better.

As I start to dust off my skiing equipment and snowshoes, I’ll let you in on some of the songs that got me going today, because a good playlist is important:

G. Love & Special Sauce – “Come Up Man”

Spoon – “Jonathan Fisk”

Spin Doctors – “Hungry Hamed’s”

Parquet Courts – “Sunbathing Animal”


Jimmy Eat World – “Appreciation”

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