Burst #2: The Preview

This is only a preview.  There’s a door atop those steps.  It’s up to the individual to enter.



Depending on who you are, your mentality, your faith, and the general thoughts spinning through your mind and body and soul:  beyond those doors is a stone safe haven for salvation and/or redemption, or it’s a cardboard box of deceit and/or disbelief.  The concept(s) is/are up to interpretation and results may vary.  Depending on the dose–any size dose for that matter–side effects may vary.  Batteries are also not included.

Regardless of the pagans and the atheists melting once they step foot beyond the threshold–keep in mind they most likely will not (but bodily harm will only occur when one opts for the Holy Water)–once inside those doors one will only experience knowledge and revitalization.  It’s up to you to determine whether this revitalization is for the positive or negative.  Regardless, you’ll learn something historically and you’ll gain personal insight. 

–   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –

I’m a self-described agnostic theist with a background influence in Roman Catholicism.  I’m a Christian, nonetheless, but the masses that I attend–will continue to attend (as few in number as they are)–are and will be Catholic.  My faith in spirituality and my spirituality in faith, which both hit a low at a point in time, are continuing to develop.  The point of this isn’t whether or not I believe in a god–not more than one since I am not pagan–but the spiritual connection that is felt.  There is no proof–none that has been revealed to me–that there is a specific god, but there have been significant occurrences that convince and prove to me that there is, in fact, something greater. 

Before you [believing] readers get huffy and puffy with me.  I am not capitalizing the use of a god in the last paragraph simply because I am referring to the concept of there being a god.  Of course, if I was talking about God (the actual being of Himself/Herself),  like in this sentence, the word will be very much capitalized.  This is as if you were writing about being on Earth (the planet) as opposed to standing on earth (the  ground).   There is a difference.

For those who have read this blog–welcome to the newcomers–my rejuvenated belief in faith began in 2007 when I traveled to England.  While visiting Salisbury Cathedral, a moment of déjà vu dawned on me, and the recollection of my dreaming about this cathedral slapped some sense into me.  The dream of this cathedral had been written down, and the ability to refer back to the notes was easily accessible. 

There is connection, a strong fascination, which attracts me to churches and other places of worship as well as cemeteries.  I still have yet to gain that full understanding.

Also an elderly woman stopped me at the end of a meditation class one evening–here in Syracuse, flashing ahead a year or two–and said I came across a kind and caring person, that I have an old soul, and she believed that I was priest in a former life. 

There was no way I couldn’t believe her.

–   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –

Yet, we come across the preachers–the street preachers who seem to know all.  They attempt to convert us, obsessing over mundane aspects of life and they prohibit acceptance.  In December of 2012, I wrote a post about my beliefs, and it included a segment on these street preachers.  Please find the “God Forbid I Speak of Agnosticism” post here.

Where disbelief sets in, these individuals are partial to blame.  In the other post, the seven sins are mentioned and the central theme of obsession is noted.  If these street preachers are obsessing over their God (see what was done there), they are sinning by association.  If their God is the same as my God–we’re going by Christianity here–something is not right.  My God wants me to accept everyone for who they are.  I do.  Their God is a bigot and has a strong dislike for those who are different.  We surely cannot share the same God. 

But we do.  Yes, the last time I knew, all forms of Christianity have/share the same God.

I don’t want to share that God.

I want the God, who created us in His/Her image.  We were given a gift of sarcasm and humor.  We were all given good and bad qualities.

We were given imperfection.

How does one make sense of this? 

I came across a Jewish man during one of his religion’s holidays.  I said hello to him, smiling, and he thanked me.  He stopped me–that’s what the thank you made me do.  We had a very short conversation, and I learned about the rest and fasting, but he was grateful that I simply acknowledged him. 

My God, when compared to other monotheistic religions, has a very similar stories in their books of worship.  The majority of monotheistic religions have similar characters and stories.  There are similar rites and concepts to abide by.  The themes are the same.  The adversaries are similar and as devious.  Coincidence?  Not if I have anything to say about it. 

We’re all similar.  We’re all in denial.  Just accept it. 

I’ve said it before:  hate is too simple of a word with a broad definition to throw around.  It’s too easily and often utilized.


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