Ginsberg and Voice


Well, this takes the cake.  This post had been written yesterday, which illustrates my planning ahead with this 31-day challenge.  It was intended, this morning, to look over the post and correct any mistakes and add on/take out information.  However, to my dismay, the introduction was missing.  Worse things can happen, but now it’s starting from scratch that makes me scratch my head.

The post above is another picture from Reluctant Writer Girl’s blog.  I’ll probably be referring to her as she keeps posting writer’s quotes for inspirational purposes.  She even throws her own quotes on there.  Subscribing to it, which is free, allows you to get her posts; these can be received through WordPress, Blogger, or your email (if you don’t blog).  This is an inspirational calendar for me, but the pages of the calendar do not have torn off and recycled.  She’ll probably be posting more nuggets of wisdom in the future, so you can expect I’ll be referencing her blog more.

RWG’s memes will not be used through every post, because this–in my personal opinion–is only cheating my way through this challenge.  The 31-day challenge is supposed to help me grow as a writer, and it will help me to get into the habit of posting on even more of a regular basis.  My writing will be more condensed as well.  These inspirational internet stamps have also helped me with my writing; whenever I see a quote and/or picture of a favorite writer, I become giddy and produce more.  Subscribing to the blog has definitely helped in the fiction sense.

This picture above has been simply posted to simply post it.  I am passing it along.  There isn’t anything constructive about my going into voice or Ginsberg for that matter.  I found this quote inspirational, and there is hope that some of you may find this inspirational as well.  I’m a fan of Ginsberg, his poetry, and the rest of The Beat Generation writers.  There is personal high regard for Kerouac, and those who have followed this blog through the Blogspot, the renamed Blogger, and even with the present WordPress years all know about my adoration towards Kerouac.  It’s fitting that we’re both Piceans, and save the fact we do share the same birthday.

My current role is peon, and that’s no matter who I work for.  Even working for myself would mean that I would have to work for others.  We are always trying to appease others in order to appeal to them.  Another role that I occupy is meaningless blogger from Syracuse, New York.  Not everyone reads.  For those who may, they may not understand my stream of consciousness style or my overall artistic approach.  Also, not everyone will enjoy what I write or how I write.  The latter does not bother me.  I accept constructive criticism and ignore flat criticism, and the speaker(s) of the latter will not have their voice heard.

Frankly, my posts are all over the place; hence, the title of my blog:  The Infinite Abyss(es).  There is so much to write about and explore, and–unless you’re going to focus on a certain genre or niche–you’ll never reach the end of everything.  There is enjoyment swinging from tree-to-tree, trying out different styles and meeting various goals.

I am a voice among several, and several is a miniscule adjective.  It was mentioned to me that my writing will not be my money maker.  Writing will be done on the side, and it will be a source of income.  Coming to terms with this has been difficult, but who knows if this fact is actually true.  The notion has not been accepted by me, no, not just yet.

However, my small voice and impact doesn’t bother me.  Life is about doing things that you love, and rewards do not have to be monetary.

2 thoughts on “Ginsberg and Voice

  1. “We are always trying to appease others in order to appeal to them.” That is really well put. It just got my mind spinning… thank you!

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