No ‘Trying’ While ‘Knowing’ That It ‘Can Be’ Done

I.  Intro to Non SICuitur Thursdays (2nd Impression)

Just to let everyone know, Syracuse Improv Collective’s monthly Non SICuitur series is heating up.  After the second night of this series, which is located at the CNY Playhouse in Shoppingdown Mall, we had more improv than the last.  As a Syracuse Improv Collective member, I am proud to be a part of this.  Non SICuitur Thursday nights will always begin at 8 PM, and the cost is only $3.  We have an open mic setup, which we kindly ask everyone (who is interested in performing) to let us know ahead of time; we want to be able to fit you in.  We want to boast the night, and we to put your names up on the website to let everyone know what you’ll be performing.

We accept all art forms.  Syracuse Improv Collective does boast improv.  If you are part of a troupe, if you are performing solo, and/or if you are just starting out–show us your stuff.  The more you perform, the better you’ll become. Those who perform sketch comedy, come make us laugh; or if you perform dramatic sketch, come inspire us.  If you are a seasoned comedian or you are just starting out, please come make us laugh.  If you act, if you want to perform monologues, or you want to read your poetry or short story; you are welcomed with open arms.  If you want to sketch and draw while the show is going on, please feel free to come by; feel free to showcase your then-and-there created art as well.  Musicians of all genres are welcome.  Whatever artistic outlet you have and want to showcase, sign up.

The space that we have is judgement free.  It has been said, but I’ll reiterate it:  if you haven’t done comedy, improv, performed music in front of a group please do not hesitate to join us.  We’re here to support and encourage.  During the show, we open the floor up to everyone to come up to the stage and take a stab at improv.  It’s a am.  The important part is that you have fun trying something new.

II.  Ken

Ken, who is part of the collective, put on a one-man improv set last night.  He was trying something different and new to him; thus, defining the purpose of Non SICuitur Thursdays.  He performed three scenes by himself, playing multiple characters, and he did well.  This is awesome kept running through my head and on repeat, blending together in a mush mass


like a child receiving a puppy on whatever December holiday they celebrate.  Ken clearly demonstrated something that I can envision myself doing.

Although, performing improv has been less than a year old, it matches my desire to write.  I’m getting better at both.  However, this was something that I have personally not seen before.  A one-person scene has been seen… hmmm.. however, my viewing was not for an entire skit.  I lean toward the mess with your head type of art, and–as down to earth and tangible as Ken’s improv was–my mind was blown.

Immediately, the thought of wanting to try that popped into my head.  I’ve never done this before, but what the hell; I’ll give it a shot.  The reality of never having done it sunk in, which yielded panic.  However, the initial thought was purely confidence and security that this can be done.  The latter thought put me at ease, but the endorphin blossoms did bloom, enticing me to celebrate.

Brad Pitt Dance


My goal is to develop characters, especially high status characters.  It is easy to tell that my subconscious preference is to play low status characters.  This anxiety does come from confidence, or lack there of.  In last night’s performance, I stepped out of my comfort zone, taking on the higher status, playing females, and living up to the nature of the character.  It was a great time performing with Gentlemen, To Bed!, and so–less than year of experience–I have been able to perform with two experienced troupes in less than a week (on top of it).

Writing and improv have formed a favorable bond in my life. Its comfortable knowing that I can do some solo work.  It’s important and essential to creat on the spot, off the cuff.  The only way one can be successful is to actually do.  Taking a stab at reading fiction, poetry and prose, is definitely on the dock.  Yeah… for next show.  Why not?

The seven other collective members, in total, and as experienced as they were were psyched as well to have me play in the big leagues.  endorphins ran wild.

Sean Connery Fist Pump
Sean Connery Fist Pump

The guys are not that seasoned.  Aside, Sean Connery is still the man.  Once James Bond, always James Bond.  Professor Henry Jones.

Boom.  Droppin’ some knowledge fo y’all.

I am not sure if it will be at the next Non SICuitur Thursday, but this first solo performance will be done sooner than later.  If anything, I’ll practice in front of my friends.  Dear friends, please feel free to encourage me.  I’ll be reluctant at first, but the performance will happen.  I’ll simply need a word of inspiration and a Jameson of encouragement.

One thought on “No ‘Trying’ While ‘Knowing’ That It ‘Can Be’ Done

  1. That sounds amazing! You should definitely try to break out of your comfort zone. That’s what life’s all about, isn’t it? And if you need a little nudge from Jameson, so be it. He encourages me through the most needed times haha!

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