Snark Tuesdays

Who are you?

Really… Who are you?

Who do you see yourself as?  What do you your friends see you as?

What do you see yourself as socially?  What does society see you as?

What aspects, traits allows you to fit into certain characters?

Do you have the ability to be independent?  Can you venture into activities by yourself? Are you reluctant to?

We are all categorized somehow.  We do it to ourselves, and sometimes others bestow designations upon us.  Sometimes you take those ever-so-accurate online quizzes to figure out whowhatwhere, etc. you’d be.


Here’s my weekly Syracuse New Times post, one for the anti-labeling.


What’s Your (Stereo)Type?


12 thoughts on “Snark Tuesdays

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  2. I can assure you, that there are very few people out there judging me as harshly as I judge myself. There are very few people out there judging anyone as harshly as I judge myself. It kind of eases the pressure of caring what other people are thinking.

    1. It definitely does. I’ve grown to not take things too personal, and to take myself less seriously. The latter has been more difficult. However, you are definitely correct. The pressure is eased. 🙂

  3. Great post! I love the way you flow from one thing to another while threading it all together, and how you invite the reader on a wonderful adventure.

    I must admit I belly-chuckled at the Mafia movie comment. That’s hilarious! You’d have a very different type of role if the Mafia movie was made in Italy, being good-looking gives a certain immortality.

    I was idly perusing quotes the other day about my MBTI, and found myself laughing and nodding and then getting irked by the accuracy of it, especially the pet peeves one of which was – you cringe when people use multiple windows instead of tabs – I thought that quirk was mine and mine alone! Sometimes it’s a relief to know you’re not as much of a loon as you thought you were, and sometimes it annoying. I guess I’ll have to pop into the quirk store to buy a new one 😉

    Some of those categorising things can be surprisingly correct, and fun to explore. And just because we fit into a category doesn’t mean we won’t grow out of it and burst the seams.

    1. Thank. You. So. Much. I actually and finally got a constructive comment from a stranger, non-blogger and non-social media acquaintance, telling me that the content was great, but my punctuation was tiring. There wasn’t disagreeing with the guy, and I thanked him for his insight. I can see where some punctuation is confusing. I need to keep myself in check not to confuse other.s

      The mafia comment was random and out of the blue. It had to be included, because (1) my friends are good like that, and (2) the conversation was pretty damn funny.

      I haven’t done the MBTI in a while. It may have changed, but there is no certainty. However they are surprisingly correct. It’s fun to see where we “fit in.”

      By the way… Tabs are better than windows. Multiple windows is ludicrous.

      Thanks again for all your comments and support.

  4. OK, back from SNT coffee ring. It’s an enjoyable meander through the mind of Christopher S. Malone. Victory, sir.

    But. Did you feel that word coming or did I blindside you, Chris?

    I think dropping the F-word in doesn’t fit the tone, nor the personality that I think all the rest of the words are shaping.

    I’m guilty of dropping it a time or two in the comments section, when I thought it was appropriate to the tone of said writer’s blog, and made a statement, so I’m not a total F-word prude. But I don’t think it fits with the rest of your wardrobe this time, and in honor of Fashion Week, I figured I’d let you know, my friend.

    1. I definitely appreciate this comment. I see where you are coming from, and there was a debate with using the word. My going into mistakes of my own right after were considered as well. It was my wanting to take a little risk. It was used to get the point across. Of course, I go for shock and awe, not offend… despite that being inevitable. Some people will not be cool with it, but I am owning and standing by it.

      1. Good job, Chris. It’s not that I’m offended. To me, it’s just not like your personaity. But since this was a story about going against stereotypes and types, there you go.

  5. Fabulous article and your blog post made me chuckle! I detest labels and stereotypes! I do most things on my own and always have. Just try and get in my way….lol

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