My Nomination, Your Explanation

Before I begin today’s night on The Inevitable Coffee Ring narrative poem, something has to get out of the way, out of my system:

I’ve been nominated!



For the first time since seventh grade, I’ve been chosen to be a part of something that’s awesome. Thanks to you all, those who nominated me.  (In seventh grade, it was the Camillus Middle School Science Fair — I actually tied for First Place.) This blogging nomination an honor in itself. My blog, The Inevitable Coffee Ring, has been placed in the running with four other diverse blogs. It’s an eclectic group, and they all have wonderful content: food, things to do and events taking place in Syracuse, coupons and deals to be found in the surrounding area, and sports. And then there is me, the stream of conscious lifestyle blogger looking to simply entertain and take some risks with writing.

It’s the annual Syracuse New Times Best of Syracuse 2014. The category is “Best Blog.”

Feel free to go to the website, vote, scroll through the pages, and be sure to click “done” at the end. Otherwise your vote isn’t counted.


Tuesday’s piece on breakfast is what it is. It’s snarky, its supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to offend people a little, but the offence shouldn’t linger for too long. Any great breakfast is the way to start your day.

In today’s piece, The Espresso Shot, the narrative poem is packed with a lot. My primary point was to show that stars can be seen in the Syracuse night sky despite your being in the city at the time. The lights aren’t too distracting, and the quiet nature of the environment adds to a wonderful and almost storybook aura. The emphasis for a life soundtrack is stressed (again).

And with these two considerations, the desire to set up a fictitious proposal was wanted. Let’s have two people, who are briefly mentioned by the narrator, travel through the city of Syracuse. Let’s throw in some music, because it’s (almost) certain, that a guy’s head is filled with thoughts before dropping down on one knee. Music is usually calming and it sets the mood; cue Tommy Dorsey.

The tough aspect while getting through the piece: all the alliteration.

Talk about Syracuse:

  • How dessert and wine bar, Bittersweet, has amazing creme brulee and it’s not “bittersweet” at all.

    Clinton Square
    Clinton Square
  • The Clinton Street fountain, the  fountain in Franklin Park, the fountain in Hanover Square — we have a lot of water sputtering in Syracuse
  • How the city can easily be walked.

Then, I get into the stars, the sky. Here’s where knowing constellations and Greek Mythology comes into play:

  • Bootes, the herdsman, his constellation looks like an ice cream cone. He drives the bears (Ursa Major and Ursa Minor) or plows or oxen across the sky.
  • Circumpolar pertains to constellations that can be seen in the night sky year-round
  • Cepheus and Cassiopeia, King and Queen, are circumpolar constellations. Their arguments make them seem to be bears, or unbearable.
  • The King and Queen are placed upside-down in the sky.
  • Cassiopeia claimed that she and her daughter, Andromeda, to be the most beautiful women in the land and sea, stirring up confrontation with the Nereids (sea nymphs). Poseidon sends Cetus, his Kraken, to destroy Etheopia.
  • Andromeda is chained to a rock to be sacrificed by her own parents, but she is saved by him as he rides upon Pegasus, the white-winged horse.
  • Perseus and Andromeda are not circumpolar, but they are seen in the autumn night sky.

The characters of the poem ignore — they actually have nothing to do with — the commotion from above and create their own story. He gets over his unbearable nervousness, swoops in for the kiss, places the ring, and that story ends. As the story ends, the song/record ends. It’s someone else’s turn to put the needle down, sift through their nervousness.

And that’s that.


Tuesday’s piece: It’s Breakfast, You Champion

Today’s piece: The Mischief of Our Stars

10 thoughts on “My Nomination, Your Explanation

  1. (1) Voted.
    (2) Breakfast and brunch are my favorite meals of all time. There’s a place near me that does a gigantic, seafood filled, charcutterie station, sushi station, carving station, fresh shucked/caught shellfish station, salad bar, AND kitchen made-to-order items, along with all you can drink bottomless mimosas. It rings in at about $65/person with tax and tip, but it’s 10000% worth it. Especially when done in a marathon fashion from noon to 3pm.
    (3) You’ve made me want to visit this “Syracuse” you speak of…

    1. (1) You. Rock. Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate it 🙂

      (2) OK, what is this place called and how long of a drive is it from Central New York? This sounds amazing.

      (3) I have? You should! Well, it’s a good place to stop by while up in the next of the woods. A short flight from NYC, a drive of about 4.5 hours.

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