Fourdaycation (Part 3: Saturday)

The title of this post was written, and then it was decided that I don’t remember what happened Saturday.  Coffee was consumed at Freedom of Espresso in Armory Square, and there was an attempt to write.  The debate of even opening the laptop crossed my mind, giving in was inevitable, but nothing came out.  There was an internal rebellion; looking at the computer screen, there was a desire to tell the inanimate object to fuck off, but it did not happen despite being considered.  Words With Friends games were caught up on.  My coffee was consumed; ordering it felt awkward to begin with now that it’s mentioned.  Entering, the item off the menu had been decided.  However, the words escaping my lips fell out and clinked like teeth raining upon the counter;  the words that were semi-coherent hung like drool.  It was a brief moment of buffoonery:  spotlight the Village Idiot.

There was a point where typing nonsense seemed logical to justify my not doing work.  Picturing myself on auto, typing King’s All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, my fingers would scurry across the keyboard frantically.  There would be no looking at the keyboard since my fingers know the QWERTY placement by heart (no excuses not to), so staring off into space like a madman would seem illogical but perfect.  It would be the moment where a composer would be on a hot streak creating some opus, playing the piano with fury to get the notes out, which would plaster themselves onto the once-blank sheet music paper.

Or my person could come across as Daffy Duck in the piano battle against his counterpart, Donald Duck.  Yes, this is another reference to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? since I love the movie so damn much.  Of course, Donald attempts a cannon assassination against the Looney Tunes character, failing, which ultimately leads to their being pulled offstage.  Exit stage right and left.

You said it, Snagglepuss!  Getting back to the piano scene before I digress further.  If you don’t know the scene that I am talking about:

The coffee was guzzled down, and a venture to The Sound Garden was in store.  Being in Armory Square, I figured why the hell not.  There was  no productivity going on that day.  I’ve been contemplating a few movies, but The Sound Garden does not carry the movies, or they are too expensive for my purchasing (for the time being).  I am very proud of my control regarding impulsive buys.  It’s easy to convince myself to not buy anything, and telling myself that I haven’t sat down and watched a movie in months helps as well.  My current movies to get list:

  • Antichrist
  • Beginners
  • Ratatouille
  • Ruby Sparks
  • Seven Psychopaths

There are plenty more, of course.

The rest of my time in my favorite entertainment store ever… EVER… was spent listening to At the Drive-In’s In/Casino/Out.  There was an internal debate to get that as well, carrying it around with me like a squirrel with a golden acorn.  However, I did put the CD back, resisting the purchase, leaving the store with cash.  Despite my enjoying the band and the music, there was no need for the purchase.

The rain poured as I ventured over to Gannon’s Isle for the Ice Cream Kids Club meeting.  My double scoop option of Downtown Turn-Around and Cappuccino Crunch was overly satisfying.  Since this was my second meeting, it’s official (according to Ryan and President Tracy) that I have met the criteria for membership.  Let it be known that I am grateful.  We are locally conscious people.  We’re also in a photo contest.  Please vote for ICKC or Mouth Freeze by clicking on that link!



The rest of the day I spent wandering aimlessly in a strange limbo, trying to figure out something to do, which was nothing as a result, before going to bed.  The bed choice was a valiant option, considering that the following day involved a day trip to Bergen County, New Jersey.  Concerning a conversation with my mother, we debated about my wanting to drive solo, and she said why bother wasting money on gas.  This weekend was very liberating so far, and it felt satisfying to be independent.  I usually am independent, but there was a great streak going, illustrating this independence.

At this time, it concerned me that I had not heard from my brother all day; I figured he would be traveling with my parents to New Jersey, which is another reason–the person-filled car–I prefered to travel by myself.

As I enjoyed a Left Hand Brewing Company Nitro milk stout, I charged my phone, camera, and relaxed before bed.  Who knew what tomorrow would bring.  Although this day was essentially boring, it wasn’t depressing; life happens this way sometimes.

I stared up at the ceiling, trying to look through the darkness at a white light fixture that hasn’t worked in over a year (I should really tell my landlord), as my eyes closed for slumber.

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