Winding Down

Thank you.  Yes, You.

There is much to be thankful for this year, and it’s best to recognize it before December hits.  We can begin at my reawakening, the moment where I’ve been more conscientious about who I am, what I do/would like to do, and the type of person I’m aming to be–a better person than yesterday.  This is very difficult, because–for anyone–progress is slow.  It is the metaphor of watching a pot come to a boil.  Patience is tested, and it’s easy for anyone to get frustrated with themselves.

First and foremost:  I am forever grateful for my family and long standing friends, and you all know who you are.  Typing out all the names would be crazy since there are so many, and hold all of you on that high pedestal.

This time last year, I began to get into Twitter.  From Twitter, I began my societal reincorporation with several people involved with a Buy Local mentality.  Opportunity to write came about, and my desire to write more grew from there.  Meeting new and exciting people was inevitable.  I am speaking generally, because I don’t want to forget people.  This isn’t fair for the specific people, I know, and I’m sorry.  From there, including romantic relationships, I realized how much that I am my own worst enemy.  Often times, more often than not, I found myself running from the dating scene; this can be viewed as hypocritical or decieving due to talk on this blog and my denial of not being ready at those times.

Stupidity:  it happens.

Even still, I find myself timid and skiddish around some women and their habits to push.

The Syracuse Improv Collective and Central New York Playhouse quickly became a safe zone, a place to experiment and fail while on a quest to strive for perfection; this quest is never going to be fulfilled, because there is no such thing a perfect person and–if there is/was to be a perfect person out in the word–nobody would want to associate with one.  Through incredible scenes on stage and hashing off of the stage, family is family and we’re all happy to have one another.

Bloggers.  My CNY blogging family and out-of-state and country bloggers.  You all are awesome, and I cannot wait to read what you all have in store for next year.  Thank you for constructive criticism and poking fun of me, and this includes allowing me to be weird when the occasion may (or may not) call for it.  You all inspire me.  If you didn’t, I wouldn’t keep this blog up.

I’ve hastily put together a Greatest Hits 2013 list to illustrate personal growth and a journey.  If any readers have specific recommendations that should be highlighted (maybe I didn’t recognize a post as being decent), please feel free to shoot me a message.  Requests are always accepted (and this may include posts that are outside the time frame).

23 Great Shits Hits 2013

 (Yes, that is inappropriate.)

S.O.C.:  Lucky ’13? (January 6th)

Not Being a Dick: My First Improv Experience (January 13th)

Among Mountains (January 23rd)

Circling | Downtown Syracuse (April 25th)

Femininity in Retrospect | Franklin Square | Downtown Syracuse (April 30th)

Camping:  It’s Time (May 5th)

Where Are the Plates? (May 11th)

On Being, Simply (May 19th)

Hate This, and I’ll Love You:  Sporadic Attic Anecdotes (May 22nd)

Burst #1: Window(s) (June 16th)

Burst #2:  The Preview (June 25th)

Two Empty Chairs (June 30th)

Nothing About Something (July 7th)

That Morning After (July 29th)

My Awesome Mugs (June 26th)

Yesterday from Tomorrow’s Perspective (July 31st)

The Seventh First:  Anecdotes (September 11th)

Needs More Water (September 15th)

Another Chapter Begins (September 17th)

Small Plates, Big Mistake — Downtown Syracuse (September 19th)

Jumping Off of a Cliff:  A Love Story (October 16th)

Before We First Met (October 31st)

Would It Be Right (November 6th)

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