On Death

No, this is not as morbid as you think. No, you should not be concerned about my well-being. Proof: there is talk about a hunted penis.


In regard to the cusp of my so-called returning to the WordPress world, while trying to catch up on everyone’s backdated posts — mayhaps it would be wise to just live in the present and catch up time-to-time, which would be easy since all the posts are all in the month of June — one of Jennie’s posts, the one about a haunted library, grabbed my attention.

She replied to my comment, and she made a reference to How I Met Your Mother and Lily’s claiming that she would come back and haunt Marshall’s penis. No way in hell is this immature, because it’s a legitimate and clutch reference. It got me laughing and still laughing. However, the noisy Syracuse University students hanging out in Recess Coffee are too loud to notice or give a care. These kids are give-or-take a decade younger than me, which I find it a shame to have them as a part of my generation.  Their verbal grammar is terrible, they show not etiquette, they think they can play a four-person game with two people, and they think they have things in common much with people around my age or older.

It’s even scarier that I thought the same thing about myself when I was their ages. However, it’s probably fitting that I’m here due to their talking about blogging and improv. Anyways, I digress …


As a “Catholic,” the religion taught me pushed the notion of there being Heaven, Hell, and (the good-ol’ gray area) Purgatory — or “The Inevitable Waiting Room.” The same goes for the rest of the Christians, who may — this has been heard — “have it worse than the Catholics.” This is baffling since the Catholics have a process and series of trials that have have to go through (sacraments) and Confession. No, that’s is correct, the other Christians don’t really believe or have to attend Confession. Ergo, other Christians don’t suffer from “Catholic Guilt.”

We do believe heavily in white lies.

However, as separated as all religions seem to be, their books and cast of characters are quite uncannily similar.  This post is not going to compare all these, because that could be a college dissertation that can be found somewhere online. Or there is Wikipedia, if you rely heavily on that kind of website. However, in Christianity there are notions of meditation and reincarnation.


Speaking of reincarnation. I’m not sure if I’m willing to do that. There is wonder if a break can be had. From what has been told to me, my spirit and reincarnation journey has been a fruitful one. Perhaps ghosting it would be an option. It would be fun messing with others, making things move, causing people to jump, and wearing a sheet to be a floating cliche could have its kicks. Sure it would get tiresome after a while, so there is another route that could be explored in the realm of Fate. There is a philanthropic possibility to this.

People do or do not believe in coincidences. There may or may not be signs. Life may or may not line up the way they perceive or intend it to. However, Jennie may not be a believer of Fate or Coincidence, and that does not make her a bad person in my eyes or anyone else’s, but she and I share the same opinion about music. Aside not knowing her personally, she is a hell of a writer and seems to be quite an individual. Differences is what makes the world go round, and accepting these differences makes life the more interesting and smoother. Of course, in reality, it’s difficult, but most great results are yielded through some strenuous venture.

I’d like to work with the Fates in making shit happen. There is some person down on their luck, I’d like to be that invisible entity to enlighten their hopes to push them forward through life. Sure, I’d see their life map, and it would be my job to keep them on their journey as best as I could. Maybe it would be purposely planting a book or scribbling in one (in reference to Jennie’s post), tripping them and causing them to break a limb, or keeping them awake all night among other things.

However, there is such a thing as freewill and predicaments, including disease and other environmental or biological issues, that we cannot control …


“To me, the human experience is essentially a quest to find true connection. Our souls spend their whole lives fighting to burst beyond the confines of these physical shells and touch other souls. It’s an epic struggle, and vitally important, so our souls need to renew their energy along the way.”

– Jennie Saia


Whether your dick is haunted, you’re being sent message from an unknown entity, or you’re having some powerful force kick your oblivious butt into place … life is about enjoying while we are here. We really cannot understand what is beyond our knowledge, otherwise, we’d be able to actually and verbally communicate with animals, like hamsters. It’s cliche and quasi-cheesy to say such a thing, but it’s the truth. Life is about making friends and connections, establishing and working at maintaining relationships as difficult as they may be, and doing what you love and have to do to get enjoyment out of life.  Sure there is more to be said, but it’d all be even more drawn out and redundant.

5 thoughts on “On Death

  1. If I get a choice, I think I would rather be a ghost than go to Heaven/Hell or be reincarnated. It would be such a blast pranking people.

    And you can totally play a four person game with two people. Or one even (guilty!).

  2. “Life is about making friends and connections, establishing and working at maintaining relationships as difficult as they may be, and doing what you love and have to do to get enjoyment out of life.”

    I just read Trent’s post (http://trentlewin.com/2014/06/15/1246/) on how the entire world’s complacency is ruining humanity, and then I hear a ping and find this touching missive. I’m honored to be included in it – what a happy afternoon surprise – but I’ll admit I’m even more relieved at seeing you say that life can just be about making connections and finding enjoyment.

    I don’t think I’m built to save the world, although I do firmly believe I’ll leave it the tiniest bit better than I found it. I’m built instead to notice the small beautiful things, the little moments reflecting life like a shard of glass on the sidewalk reflects the sun. I try to take those things and show them to others – blind them with the light, even – and I tell myself that’s a worthwhile thing to do. Just maybe it fuels some of the world-changers to keep going, I dunno.

    If, upon my demise, I feel differently, I’ll take up a post-life career haunting genitalia.

  3. I was about to ask a stupid question, but I managed to stop myself… or was it an invisible entity who stopped me 😉

    Fun post!

    Something you said reminded me of the film I saw last night – Odd Thomas (2013) based on the Dean Koontz novel. Love and ghosts and entities. Jolly japes!

    Perhaps you already work with the Fates…

  4. Age doesn’t really matter, except when it’s youngsters trying to play four-person games with just two. How dare they!

    You find your connections and renewal in many strange and diverse places, Chris. Enjoy it.

    P.S. I do not wish for any haunting of Harry, Tom, Marshall or Dick.

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