In Park

Why do we feel compelled to take pictures of things that are so numbing and irrelevant to anything? The artist may say that they find art in the simplistic of things. There is no personal designation as artist. Concepts are to be found, however. A bouquet of metaphors need to be placed in a vase to make a bouquet that may need some attention.


Whether it’s time or day, the picture would have been the way it is. A mall parking lot, the top of the three-floored structure, will forever (nothing is forever) stand as is until the elements or human interference will decide the fate of such a structure. Until the lines are repainted for accommodating more or less parking spaces, until the elements eat away at the metal and display rusting wounds, or age finally kicks in and persuades the cement-based convenience to crumble to the ground — this will be as is until that day.

It’s simple. You drive. You arrive. You decide where to park. This spot is chosen for convenience: whether you want a spot to walk from or a spot that’s close in proximity to your arrival, whether you want one car on one side or you want to be sandwiched between two of them. The chances of your car being hit or scratched or dented or it’s soul compromised is the same. No matter where the car is situated, you’re within a designated area where vehicles have to venture around narrow aisles of driving space.

The blue sign that reads park is doing you a favor. Sure, it’s telling you what to do, where to stop and say goodbye to your car for a few minutes to a couple hours, or days (depending on the reason). The arrows are like arms, welcoming you yet not to embrace you. It’s the Three Door concept. Which door will reveal the grand prize behind it? Which door will reveal money? Which door will hide a starved monster that is unwilling to listen to your pleas to be spared? Which door will trigger a powder keg to blow you into pieces? Which door will allow a whip cream pie to hit you in the face? Which door will reveal your true love? Which door will reveal your destiny, and best or worst are still two options to be included, and you’ll could easily chose either one or the other.

Which door will reveal another set of doors?


But these are parking spaces. If the land or floor shifts, your car is going to move with the rest of the cars depending on the tilt or strength of your brakes.

The two arrows are tells, giving you the more intelligent decisions. Sure the best way to travel, the shortest distance between two places is a straight line. Unfortunately, (some) things are not as cut-and-dry. Obstacles are to be experienced physically and mentally, and course of action should be changed. Staying in your bed isn’t going is only going to prolong the inevitable. It only sets you behind, allowing the negativity — in whatever form it should possess — catch up to you. After a day of not moving, because you’re mentally crippled by a manifestation only created by yourself, your sheets are still not worthy to protect you.

The two arrows, the arms, are extending to show you the best options. There is no arrow that faces down, pointing to that spotIf your car is to be tampered with, the damage will only show on one side; however, if you park just off, open doors swinging open by careless arms could be avoided. Said arms could be attached to you and your passenger(s). Kudos to you, middle space taker, for living on the edge and maybe this risk taking will benefit you in the long run. Door dings reveal themselves to be simple, fixable dents and/or chips. However, that metal bar and lamp post the sign is placed on could also fall. One good gust of wind is all it takes, and you could be in the car when it happens.

Regardless of what happens, the outcome, whatever befalls, it can be fixed somehow. Sure there is a great hope for a polished outcome, but you know the scar will always be there.

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